What’s this blog all about?

Hello! It’s me, Jess B here!

Welcome to the beginning of my blog.

This blog contains reviews of magical books, mostly of the Young Adult and Romance genres. I offer quick and easy-to-read reviews of books. I’m not going to waste time by explaining what the book is about, because that is what a synopsis is for. But don’t worry I’ve included the synopsis in my reviews just in case you need it!

On the YA reviews, I have included School Counselor Considerations to help educators find fiction books that their students may connect with, and possible books that would relate to topics in their curriculum. It is my personal belief that some students would benefit from reading fictional stories they can relate to. Sometimes it is difficult to talk about the things going on in your life, and books can make you feel not so alone. My intention is to use my love of the YA genre to better serve students.

*Note: School Counselor considerations are plot SPOILERS, so if you don’t want any spoilers don’t read the bottom of my posts. The School Counselor considerations will be located after a picture of the book.

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