Caraval by Stephanie Garber

5 STARS!!!!


I didn’t want to finish it, because I was enjoying it so much, but I couldn’t stop reading it. There were twists and turns, magic and mayhem, and so much love. Crimson, oh, I’m sorry, I mean Scarlett, was a wonderful character to follow throughout this story, as her growth unraveled nicely. I loved the side stories that played into the main story line, and all the different ways the characters were connected. I was really invested in the what happened to the characters, and I loved the world Stephanie Garber built. At the end, I felt closure to the story, but I also wanted more of this would. Specifically, I wanted to learn more about the elusive Legend. I’m beyond excited for Legendary!!



Counselor Considerations contain SPOILERS.

Do not read further if you don’t want to PLOT SPOILERS!

School Counselor Considerations:

Social/Emotional: Family: Physically and Emotionally Abusive Father, Murder, Mother Disappeared, Strong Sister Connection, Running Away, Taking Care of Sibling, Social: Fear of Future, Trust, Romance with Kissing and Sleeping in the Same Bed, Personal Growth, Standing up for Oneself

College/Career: Responsibility, Planning for Future

Academic: N/A

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