Shaken by Charity Ferrell


Release Date: September 22, 2020

SYNOPSIS: A see yourself out note isn’t how you want to celebrate the morning after your first one- night stand. The first time I meet Archer Callahan is when I block him in a parking spot. The second is a fender bender. The third is at a bar, drinking away our problems, and finding our way to his bed. I never expected to see him again. That changes when a month later, he’s introduced as my brother’s new business partner. In need of a job, I’m hired at their bar, much to Archer’s dismay. We hate each other. We’re off limits. But every time we’re together, flashbacks of that night shake through us. We push, we pull, until one of us breaks. 

REVIEW: I need to start off by saying that I LOVED the first book in this series, Stirred. It was amazing and I could not wait for this second book in the series. We meet the main characters, Archer and Georgia, in book 1. They bicker a ton and you just know it’s because of the chemistry they’re trying to fight. Seriously, I couldn’t wait to find out what their story was! Unfortunately, I didn’t like the story that lead them to where we met them in book 1, it made me really dislike Archer. In the second half of this book, when I learned Archer’s reasons, I felt a little more open to him, but not enough. Obviously, this is completely a personal preference thing. I think the overall book was good, and I cannot wait for book 4 and 5 in the series! This friend group’s interactions are really interesting and I need to know what happens to them!

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