Our Star-Crossed Kiss by Piper Rayne


Release Date: October 13, 2020

SYNOPSIS: She’s got two strikes against her. Her name is Erickson and her parents own The Bagel Place. It wasn’t always that way. When we were nine, we were best friends. But then a feud between our dads ripped their successful business apart—and my best friend was ripped away too. Our paths were bound to cross again. When both our families vie for the same spot on a Food Channel’s reality show, the producers decide to change the format, aligning us as allies. In order to get our parents to agree to work together, Evan asks me to pretend to be her boyfriend, but I dare her to up the ante—be my fiancée. Fake fiancée… obviously. As usual, I didn’t think things through. Turns out our parents have a lot of demands neither one of us expected. And all those demands lead to things feeling more real than fake.

REVIEW: This relationship was just so sweet and cute and wonderful! Yes, I needed all of those words to describe how I’m feeling as I finish this adorable book. Even though I knew drama was coming, I think the way it happened was so perfect for the story and not over the top. Piper Rayne wrote this journey in the perfect way. Seth was always the funny character in the first few books, and getting his backstory of why he’s always the comedic relief really adds to him as a male lead. I did kind of want to smack some sense into him, because it took him so damn long to figure out his feelings. BUT once he knew, he knew. And I love nothing better than a man determined to get his lady! Plus, the little flashbacks to when they were younger were so perfect. I fell in love with them even more as I learned about their friendship as children.

Evan is such a wonderful character. She’s so very strong and caring. The way she puts everyone in her family first just shows what a considerate person she is. I did kind of wonder how she even ended up with Brock in the first place, because they don’t match up at all in my mind. Luckily it does get explained, and it made me that much more happy that she ended up with Seth. Her and Seth are just so perfect for each other! Something I really do love about the series in general is the Rooftop crew itself. This group of friends is just so awesome. Each character brings so much to the group and each story. I love seeing the couples we already know about and the couples that are coming in the rest of the series, because they’re just so fun. The Newlywed Game scene is HILARIOUS. It’s something I do love about Piper Rayne’s books, you’re laughing, but you’re also clutching as your heart. And the deep roots of the two leads in this one made me feel all the feels! I can’t wait to see how the rest of this series unfolds!

Thank you to Piper Rayne and Wildfire Marketing PR for the eARC in exchange for an honest review!

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