2020 New-to-Me Authors

I have read a ridiculous amount of books this year, so lots of new ones were found. I also find a lot of new-to-me indie authors through Kindle Unlimited as well. I’ve rounded up just a fraction of them, because of an Instagram Challenge.


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Fiona Cole

Teacher came out June 15th, and after I read it,
I went back and binged the WHOLE series. I am in love, despite having some taboo tropes I usually avoid!

Tropes: Student/Professor, LGBTQIA+, Taboo, Age Gap, Virgin, Surprise Pregnancy, Forbidden, Friends to Lovers, Past Truama

Jenna Hartley

Loved this one so very much, and the series as a whole has been fun!

Tropes: Single Parent, Age Gap, Older Woman, Nanny Romance

Nikki Sloane

I’ve been diving into more taboo romances, which lead me to Nikki Sloane. I’m really looking forward to this whole series.

Tropes: Taboo, Age Gap

Catherine Cowles

Are you looking for emotional romantic suspense? Then Catherine Cowles is your author! This one is a Sibling’s Ex romance that pulls at all the damn heart strings.

Tropes: Sibling’s Ex, Romantic Suspense

Emma Louise

I picked this one up because of the Surprise Pregnancy trope and ended up binging the whole series. The books are on the shorter side, but still have so much depth.

Tropes: One Night Stand, Surprise Pregnancy

Rebecca Yarros

This is the third book in the Hush Notes series, and Rebecca Yarros did the made character Nixon so perfectly!

Tropes: Rockstar, Taming the Bad Boy, Forced Proximity, Small Town

Max Monroe

This is a writing duo, and I will definitely be checking out more of their books after this adorable and hilarious read!

Tropes: Single Parent

Jasinda Wilder

Holy emotional ride! Widow’s story with P.S. I Love You vibes. Plus, we get to see some of the husband’s perspective before he passes. Great writing!!

Tropes: Widow, Death, Epistolary

K. Webster & Nikki Ash

Holy wow. Taboo, but the connections between these characters is amazing. Plus, how they support and love one another is #RelationshipGoals

Tropes: LGBTQIA+, Taboo, College, New Adult

K.A. Linde

Honestly, I signed up to review this book because of the cover, and it may have been one of the best decisions of my life! I am in love with K.A. Linde’s writing. She’ll rip your heart out, mend it all back together, and leave you with a huge smile.

Tropes: Workplace, Second Chance

Charity Ferrel

This one was intense and I loved every moment of this Sibling’s Ex Romance. Charity Ferrell’s writing reminds me of Kennedy Fox, lots of drama and highly entertaining.

Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Sibling’s Ex, Single Parent

Marley Valentine

I’m trying to find more LGBTQIA romances, and this one was wonderfully angsty and emotional! Another Sibling’s Ex Romance (are you sensing a pattern here? Haha).

Tropes: LGBT, Sibling’s Ex, Death

Emma Doherty

A High School romance series with so much heart. This one is book 2, and the main female character is the antagonist from book 1. It was so damn good!

Tropes: Antagonist Main Character, High School, Redemption, Opposites Attract

Julia Wolf

Female drummer joining a band her ex is part of, YUP, sign me right the hell up. This one was so fun and I hope to get to the rest of the series at some point.

Tropes: Rockstar, Second Chance

Odette Stone

The opening scene of this book, WOW! I was completely pulled in and I am so happy I happened upon this one.

Tropes: Sports, Forbidden, Broody Hero, Workplace

Aurora Rose Reynolds

First of all, this cover?! Yum. Second, this was my first read by Aurora Rose Reynolds and she does the whole insta-love well. It did push me to dive into all of the back list books related to this one: Until series, Until Her series, and Until Him series.

Tropes: Romantic Suspense, Insta-Love, Book Boyfriend

Lex Martin

Read this one in a Top Shelf Romance collection! I loved it and I want to read more from this author.

Tropes: Nanny Romance, Single Parent, Broody Hero

R.G. Angel

This one has all the damn feels and messy characters!

Tropes: Age Gap, Billionaire, Mistaken Identity, Enemies-to-Lovers, Inherited Kids

Lea Coll

This is the start of a series that has some wonderful characters I definitely want to read more about!

Tropes: Small Town, Widower, Broody Hero

Leigh Wyndfield

I decided to dive into Alien romance for the first time ever, and I enjoyed this whole series. Short but still engaging!

Tropes: Alien Romance, Revenge

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