My Beautiful Neighbor by Piper Rayne


Release Date: February 23, 2021

SYNOPSIS: Who’s the mystery woman who just walked into my brewery?  I’m not the only one from my Alaskan small town asking themselves that question. But I’m positive, I’m the only one in Sunrise Bay undressing the pretty blonde in my head. Everything about her, from her make-up to her high heels says she’s a fish out of water.  Whispers and speculations run rampant until the secret of who she is gets uncovered. Then the rumor mill goes into overdrive when she announces she’s staying to open a bookstore in the building next to mine—throwing a big wrench into my plans to buy that empty building. I quickly find myself in a tug-of-war since my business partner/brother is upset she’s ruined the opportunity to expand our business. I try to keep my distance, but I’ve got one sister with a gossip column on the local radio station and two meddling grandmas setting me up as a tour director. And now I kind of like the idea of our new neighbor staying. But small-town life isn’t for the weak—time will tell if she has what it takes to be one of us.

This is Book 1 in The Greene Family Series!
It’s off to a FANTASTIC start.

REVIEW: WOW. Piper Rayne has done it again, and now I’m obsessed with The Greene Family just like I was obsessed with The Baileys. I just need every single book right this second! I’m really glad I read the novella about the parents of the blended family, My Twist of Fortune, because it got me completely invested in the characters of the story. I think seeing them as kids dealing with everything that was going on gives you a better background into them as adults. I sincerely look forward to seeing how it all plays out for each sibling throughout the series.

Another thing we get as readers is to see little cameos of the Bailey’s! Obviously we get more Grandma Dori, because she’s best friends with Grandma Ethel of the Greene Family. The grandmas definitely add a hilarious factor to this book, and I cannot wait to see their meddling throughout the series. They brought so much laughter to the story at times that I was in tears.

Okay, okay, let’s get to Cade and Presley. I absolutely loved them. There is definitely some slow burn going on with these two and I didn’t know how it was going to go, but man as the story went on I just needed to know what was gonna happen to them. After seeing Cade deal with his dad’s remarriage as a teen in the novella, I was really interested in how that was going to impact him and Presley. And Presley! I kind of loved how stubborn she was, even when Cade was actually being a really great guy. Their chemistry was steamy and I just felt like they really were meant to be together. 

As usual Piper Rayne has given us the gift of a teaser for the next book at the end of this one. These teasers always make me wish I had that next book in my hands right that very second. This teaser specifically was a doozy! Let’s just say Adam–who is adorable in this story and develops a wonderful friendship with Presley–is going to have a book that I feel like I am not going to be able to put down! The count down begins until My Almost Ex!!

Thank you so much to Piper Rayne and Wildfire Marketing Solutions for the eARC in exchange for an honest review!

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