Rock Bottom by Emily Goodwin


Release Date: June 17, 2020

SYNOPSIS: Rory’s life is a mess. After getting dumped by her boyfriend, let go from her job, and losing her apartment, she takes a chance on a new job in a new town. Things can’t get any worse, right? Wrong.

When the foundation of Dean Dawson’s life crumbles to pieces at his feet, he swears off relationships of any kind and goes back to a life of bachelorhood, loving and leaving different women every night.

After dodging what could possibly be the world’s worst blind date, Rory finds herself face to face with Dean—a temptation she knows she should avoid. It’s just one night, and there’s no harm in having a little fun. Wrong again.

They say when you hit rock bottom the only way to go is up, but nothing is ever that simple.


Okay, Emily Goodwin satisfied a lot of readers by giving us Dean Dawson’s story! The Dawson Family series has been a lot of fun, but I really needed to know more about Dean and Kara’s relationship since Kara was so unlikable throughout the other books. Luckily, Emily gave us Rock Bottom and we finally got answers about the doomed relationship.

This book was so fun! The Dawson’s never disappoint. There are laughs and emotion and everything you could possibly want. Of course, Dean doesn’t want another relationship after everything he’s dealt with from his ex-wife. And of course, Rory decides to throw caution to the wind and try for a one-night stand. What happens after these two meeting is hilarious. I loved their journey and I absolutely love that Dean got his HEA!!! I recommend you go read this entire series ASAP!

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Book 1 & 2 are a duet!

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