Decidedly with Luck by Stina Lindenblatt


Release Date: January 28, 2021

SYNOPSIS: Masquerade ball rule #1: what happens at the ball doesn’t always stay at the ball. OopsA chance encounter with a masked stranger at a charity ball led to an incredible kiss and a night of hot sex. The kiss was my goal for that night, a baby step forward after my husband’s death a year ago. The hot sex? Not so much. You know what else hadn’t been my goal?  To be knocked up by a man whose identity is a mystery to me. So now I’m preparing for my impending motherhood and planning a fundraiser to provide books for foster kids. The latter is where hot hockey player Logan Mathews comes in…

The last time I saw Kiera Ashdown was the night of the Jingle Balls masquerade ball. She’d wanted her first time with a man after her husband’s death to be with a stranger.  After my NHL team trades me to San Francisco, where my daughter and ex-wife live, I’m determined to be a better father and not repeat past mistakes. My hockey career and my daughter come first. The last thing I expect to discover is that Kiera is my seven-year-old daughter’s teacher. The last thing I expect to learn is that she’s pregnant with my dead best friend’s child. And the last thing I want to admit is that I was the one who made love to Kiera—several times—the night of the ball.Because if she ever found out that I’d lied to her, I could lose her friendship. I could lose so much more…

This is Book 6 in the By the Bay Series!
Decidedly with Luck is a standalone romance.
All the books in the series can be read in any order.

REVIEW: When I first read this synopsis, I knew I was picking up this book.

↦ Mysterious tryst
↦ Accidental pregnancy
↦ Best friend’s widow
↦ Hockey romance

Seriously, it’s like everything I could want in one book, so I obviously signed up to review it. I really loved Logan’s relationship with his ex-wife and her new husband. It was very healthy, and even though we all know it doesn’t always work out like that, it felt realistic. And it was refreshing to not have the ex-wife be a villain in the story. I also really liked that when Logan was very dedicated to Keira the whole time, even when he’s confused on what they could have together. The friendships were wonderful as well! The women weren’t catty and everyone was kind and supportive. Keira’s friends supported her even when they may not have agreed with her choices. The story was not about people coming in between the two characters, it was really about the characters growth while handling really difficult situations they were found themselves in. Did they always handle it in a good way? Definitely not. I have to be honest and say that Keira was not my favorite heroin, which led me to have a lot of mixed feelings about this book. I know that sometimes we lie in situations where we’re trying to avoid disastrous outcomes, and I think that’s also a plot device that’s used in a lot of romances, but I felt like in this one it went a little too far. I think this is part of the reason why I thought the book was a little too long. Some of the lies could’ve been cut out or Keira could have come clean a little sooner in the story. That being said, it’s more of a personal preference, so while I kind of disliked Keira, I had a feeling that I would be happy at the end of the book. I am glad I kept reading, because I think the way the relationships developed was entertaining and I did like the ending.

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stina Lindenblatt

Born in Brighton England, USA Today bestselling author Stina Lindenblatt has lived in a number of countries, including England, the US, Finland, and Canada. This would explain her mixed up accent. She has a kinesiology degree and a MSc in sports biological sciences. In addition to writing fiction, she loves photography, and currently lives in Calgary, Canada, with her husband and three kids.

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