Beautifully Broken Redemption by Catherine Cowles

5 Stars!

Release Date: November 9, 2021

Synopsis: She’s hiding secrets. For Anna, keeping her deepest scars hidden from the world has always been a necessity—from the bruises of her childhood to the mistake that nearly cost her everything. To keep herself safe, she must keep everyone around her at a distance—especially the man who has tempted her since the moment they met. His demons are taunting him. Mason has done his best to bury the past by achieving more than he ever thought possible. But even with all of his success, his life feels empty. When tragedy strikes, Anna is left fighting to protect the only family she has left. And Mason will do anything to keep her and her loved ones safe—even if that means the ring of wedding bells. But as a new spark ignites between them, someone is watching. And they’ll do whatever it takes to snuff out that light for good.

Review: Talk about tearing my heart out in the best way! I LOVED THIS ONE!! I sincerely enjoy romantic suspense that’s done right, and Catherine Cowles is amazing at writing these books. There is something about characters that have lived through a bunch of difficult experiences, but remain really good people that makes me so invested in them as characters. It also makes their happy ever after that much more satisfying. Mason is definitely going to be added to the book boyfriend list! His pursuit of Anna was so endearing. I enjoyed watching both of them try to figure out how to get past their own trauma responses in the current situations. Anna was such an awesome female lead–she’s just so strong, yet caring, and I really appreciated her as a person. Her hangups were totally valid, and although I wanted her to get over them for her own sake, it was done in a realistic way throughout the book. Anna and Mason’s interactions with her niece and nephew were absolutely precious and added so much to the story. I loved this book. I loved the whole storyline! There was so much going on, but in a way that wasn’t overwhelming and made the happy ever after that much better!! Seriously, read this one if you like romantic suspense, fake relationships, and a tragic backstory.

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Writer of words. Drinker of Diet Cokes. Lover of all things cute and furry, especially her dog. Catherine has had her nose in a book since the time she could read and finally decided to write down some of her own stories. When she’s not writing she can be found exploring her home state of Oregon, listening to true crime podcasts, or searching for her next book boyfriend.

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Serves Me Wright by K.A. Linde


Release Date: July 20, 2021

SYNOPSIS: I never thought I’d say yes to a fake date. Let alone with Julian Wright. But I’m stuck attending my perfect brother’s doctoral graduation, and I can’t suffer through another round of parental disappointment. Julian has to go to a charity function he planned with his ex-girlfriend. We both need a date. Yes, we shared one kiss in a darkened office to make his ex jealous. But it wasn’t real. Was it? I’m sure I can get through this. Until we get to the house and there’s only one bed. I’ve pined for Julian for three long years. More than my body is on the line…I need to guard my heart. Because if I get hurt in our fake relationship, then it serves me Wright.

A new stand alone fake relationship romance set in the world of the Wrights from USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde.

REVIEW: Yes, yes, yes, this was definitely everything I wanted it to be! I’m so happy that K.A. Linde revisited the Wright series with A Wright Christmas at the end of last year! These new characters have been wonderful l to read about. I had a feeling that Jenn was going to be a really great female character from what we’ve seen of her in the last couple books, but she even exceeded my expectations! I like the realistic portrayal of the mental health condition she’s dealing with and how it plays out in different situations. I also appreciated the different family dynamics for both Jennifer and Julian. These dynamics play a part in who they are and how they interact with others. After everything that happened with Ashleigh in the last book I had a feeling she would be a little bit of a problem for Julian and Jennifer in this one as well. It was nice to see Jennifer grow and come more into herself while dealing with the Ashleigh throughout the story. Jennifer was just so relatable in many ways, even with the things about her that I didn’t connect with at all. There were just so many parts with her where I just sat there and said “yep, haven’t we all felt this way!” I think what I really loved too, is the connection between these two from the very beginning and how that is stable throughout the book even when things happen to throw them off course. I’m really excited to see what we get in the next Wright book, Wright Rival!

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K.a. Linde

K.A. Linde is the USA Today bestselling author of the Avoiding Series, Wrights, and more than thirty other novels. She has a Masters degree in political science from the University of Georgia, was the head campaign worker for the 2012 presidential campaign at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and served as the head coach of the Duke University dance team. She loves reading fantasy novels, binge-watching Supernatural, traveling, and dancing in her spare time. She currently lives in Lubbock, Texas, with her husband and two super-adorable puppies.

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Kissing the Cowboy by Kennedy Fox


Release Date: July 13, 2021

SYNOPSIS: After drinking a bottle of wine, Harper tells her business rival that she recently got engaged. Once the hangover wears off, Harper realizes she now needs a fake fiancé or to admit she lied. Wanting to avoid the backlash, she asks her childhood best friend for a favor. She can pretend she’s not in love with him, but her traitorous body reveals otherwise.
Ethan Bishop will do anything for Harper, even if it’s crazy and means risking his heart. Pretending to be engaged to the woman he’s always loved proves to be difficult—especially when repressed feelings bubble to the surface. He only wants to help, but everyone in his life sees through his façade.
It’s hard to know what’s real or fake when their private moments turn intimate. When they cross the line and fall between the sheets, the truth is undeniable. Just as they feared, their friendship’s no longer the same. However, one thing’s certain—there’s no going back now.

Kissing the cowboy is Book 5 in the Circle B Ranch Series!
Kissing the Cowboy is a complete stand-alone and can be read without reading any of the other books or spin-off series, but if you prefer to read in order, start with Hitching the Cowboy as the characters and families do interconnect. Suggested for mature readers only.

REVIEW: Well, Ethan was an absolute delight. Seriously, SWOON. The way he cares for and supports Harper is a damn dream. Him and Harper has been friends their entire lives, so they’ve shared almost everything with one another. Well, EXCEPT those pesky feelings they’ve both developed for one another. It’s always interesting as the reader having the insight that both characters are totally in love with each other, yet not having any way to help them along. You just have read and see the wild journey they go on to figure it all out. And I do love a good fake relationship romance, let me tell you! Plus, Harper is a great female character. She’s so driven! Romance reads like these are great, because you know the characters belong together. They deserve that HEA and it’s fun watching them find it.

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Brooke Cumberland and Lyra Parish are a duo of romance authors who teamed up under the USA Today pseudonym, Kennedy Fox. They share a love of Hallmark movies, overpriced coffee, and making TikToks. When they aren’t bonding over romantic comedies, they like to brainstorm new book ideas. One day in 2016, they decided to collaborate under a pseudonym and have some fun creating new characters that’ll make you blush and your heart melt. Happily ever afters guaranteed!


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Our Star-Crossed Kiss by Piper Rayne


Release Date: October 13, 2020

SYNOPSIS: She’s got two strikes against her. Her name is Erickson and her parents own The Bagel Place. It wasn’t always that way. When we were nine, we were best friends. But then a feud between our dads ripped their successful business apart—and my best friend was ripped away too. Our paths were bound to cross again. When both our families vie for the same spot on a Food Channel’s reality show, the producers decide to change the format, aligning us as allies. In order to get our parents to agree to work together, Evan asks me to pretend to be her boyfriend, but I dare her to up the ante—be my fiancée. Fake fiancée… obviously. As usual, I didn’t think things through. Turns out our parents have a lot of demands neither one of us expected. And all those demands lead to things feeling more real than fake.

REVIEW: This relationship was just so sweet and cute and wonderful! Yes, I needed all of those words to describe how I’m feeling as I finish this adorable book. Even though I knew drama was coming, I think the way it happened was so perfect for the story and not over the top. Piper Rayne wrote this journey in the perfect way. Seth was always the funny character in the first few books, and getting his backstory of why he’s always the comedic relief really adds to him as a male lead. I did kind of want to smack some sense into him, because it took him so damn long to figure out his feelings. BUT once he knew, he knew. And I love nothing better than a man determined to get his lady! Plus, the little flashbacks to when they were younger were so perfect. I fell in love with them even more as I learned about their friendship as children.

Evan is such a wonderful character. She’s so very strong and caring. The way she puts everyone in her family first just shows what a considerate person she is. I did kind of wonder how she even ended up with Brock in the first place, because they don’t match up at all in my mind. Luckily it does get explained, and it made me that much more happy that she ended up with Seth. Her and Seth are just so perfect for each other! Something I really do love about the series in general is the Rooftop crew itself. This group of friends is just so awesome. Each character brings so much to the group and each story. I love seeing the couples we already know about and the couples that are coming in the rest of the series, because they’re just so fun. The Newlywed Game scene is HILARIOUS. It’s something I do love about Piper Rayne’s books, you’re laughing, but you’re also clutching as your heart. And the deep roots of the two leads in this one made me feel all the feels! I can’t wait to see how the rest of this series unfolds!

Thank you to Piper Rayne and Wildfire Marketing PR for the eARC in exchange for an honest review!

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Meet Piper Rayne

Piper Rayne, or Piper and Rayne, whichever you prefer because we’re not one author, we’re two. Yep, you get two USA Today Bestselling authors for the price of one. Our goal is to bring you romance stories that have “Heartwarming Humor With a Side of Sizzle” (okay…you caught us, that’s our tagline). A little about us… We both have kindle’s full of one-clickable books. We’re both married to husbands who drive us to drink. We’re both chauffeurs to our kids. Most of all, we love hot heroes and quirky heroines that make us laugh, and we hope you do, too.

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Cheesy on the Eyes by Teagan Hunter


Release Date: June 4, 2020

SYNOPSIS: Dating is hard. Dating in a small town? Impossible. Leave it to my little brother to come back home announcing he knocked up his fiancée and the wedding has been moved…to next month. When he tries to set me up with one of his football buddies, I tell him I’ll be bringing my own plus-one. Only problem? I’m hopelessly single.

Enter Sullivan Scott, AKA my hero. We strike a deal: he’ll pretend to be my boyfriend, and I’ll use my mechanic skills to help him fix his boat. That’s it. No funny business, and definitely no feelings involved. Sully’s quiet and reserved, and I’ve been told I’m too much to handle on a good day. We’re opposites, and neither of us is looking for anything serious. I’m certain we can keep this strictly platonic…

REVIEW: Points for the lonely island reference! I don’t know how Teagan Hunter does it, but she writes light, fluffy romance that includes real issues. Every time I saw Sully in previous books, I realized I just wanted to know more about him, so it was really awesome to finally get his story. Plus, his love interest is AWESOME! Thea is so unique and I loved getting to know more about her. On top of the fantastic characters, I always enjoy a good fake relationship romance, and this one made me laugh out load. I’d definitely recommend this whole awesome series!

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