The Player Next Door by K.A. Tucker

3.5 STARS!

Release Date: June 16, 2020

SYNOPSIS: Scarlet Reed has returned to Polson Falls, convinced that twelve years away is long enough to shed her humiliating childhood identity as the town harlot’s daughter. With a teaching job secured and an adorable fixer-upper to call home, things in her life are finally looking up. That is, until she finds out that Shane Beckett lives next door.

Shane Beckett, the handsome and charismatic high school star quarterback who smashed her heart. The lying, cheating player who was supposed to be long gone, living the pro football dream and fooling women into thinking he’s Prince Charming. Shane Beckett, who is as attractive as ever and flashing his dimples at her as if he has done no wrong.

Scarlet makes it abundantly clear that old wounds have not been forgotten. Neighbors they may be, but friends they most certainly are not. She won’t allow herself to fall for the single father and firefighter again, no matter how many apologies he offers, how many times he rushes to her aid, or how hard he makes her heart pound. But as she spends more time with him, she begins to fear that maybe she’s wrong. Maybe Shane has changed. And maybe this time she’s the one playing herself—out of a chance at true happiness.

REVIEW: This was my first book by this author, which I snatched up since I’ve heard nothing but good things about K.A. Tucker! I enjoyed it. All of the different characters were fascinating during the interactions, and I was curious about how Shane Beckett was going to redeem himself, because he actually did mess up royally when they were younger. He had his reasons, but for my personal preferences they were crappy and he handled it poorly. That being said, he was a teenager, and I think that’s the point of this book. To highlight that some people do grow up and regret/learn from mistakes they made in their youth. I kind of felt like the ending was a little anti-climactic and that the antagonist’s change was a little too drastic. Overall though, I enjoyed this one, and I will definitely be checking out this author’s backlist!

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