Falling for my Brother’s Best Friend by Piper Rayne


Release Date: October 15, 2019


Let’s say you’re an independent, self-sufficient woman who runs the family company and you find yourself falling for your little brother’s best friend. Now, more than ever, you need to count all the reasons why you need to abandon falling.

Abandon Falling #1 – He’s a womanizer. Hasn’t had a serious relationship a day in his life and changes women more often than he changes his sheets.

Abandon Falling #2 – He’s never serious. He cracks one-liners, mostly at your expense.

Abandon Falling #3 – When things go wrong, he seems unfazed and always remains in control. It’s so annoying.

Abandon Falling #4 – He has tattoos. Lots of them. Everywhere. Not to mention, he owns a tattoo parlor. (Damn it! Why doesn’t that sound like a bad thing anymore?)

Abandon Falling #5 – There’s a growing list of how different you two are. You can’t get along for fifteen minutes—a lifetime together would land one of you in prison.

Keep repeating those reasons and drown yourself in work. Pretend you don’t notice his good qualities or how enticing he looks without a shirt, and do not, I repeat, do not agree to live with the man while your place is being repaired from flood damage.

Trust me, even the strongest of us can only forego temptation for so long.


Two Words: BUILD UP.

If you weren’t dying for this story after meeting these characters in the first three books, I don’t believe you read the books. I have been waiting for Savannah and Liam’s story since the moment I got to see them interact. There is just something about both of these characters that pulls you right in and tangles you all up in them. I was completely invested, and although I wanted to shake some sense into both characters at different points in the story, I wouldn’t have it any other way. This was a deliciously slow burn that started in book 1, and carried you right to the end of this fantastic story. I love that she’s older and worried about that. I love that Liam sees who she is and what she’s sacrificed for her family. And I love how he wants nothing more than for her to be happy and enjoy life. He is most definitely book boyfriend material. Plus, he’s got all those sexy tattoos!

I fell in love with The Bailey’s when I read book 1, and I keep wondering how Piper Rayne are going to make all nine siblings’ stories as good as the first one, but now that I’ve finished book 4, I just know this is going to be one of my all-time favorite series. Each book is unique to the sibling and their match in a way that just totally grabs my attention. I’ve read each book in one sitting because I cannot put them down. I cannot wait for the rest of this amazing family’s stories! Luckily, we get one more book on November 19th: Demise of a Self-Centered Playboy!

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Book 5

The Highland Earl by Amy Jarecki

4.5 STARS!

Release Date: June 25, 2019

Publisher: Forever (Grand Central Publishing)


Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets Outlander in this action-packed Scottish romance where a marriage of convenience leads to secrets that could be deadly.

With two young sons to care for and a large estate to run, John Erskine, the widowed Earl of Mar, needs to remarry as quickly as possible. And beautiful Lady Evelyn Pierrepont would be the perfect match. But there’s more behind the English lass’s calm demeanor than she’s letting on, including a smoldering allure not even John can ignore.

Evelyn has no desire to wed the rugged Scottish earl, but at least she’ll be able to continue her work as a spy-as long as her husband never finds out. Yet the more time Evelyn spends with John and his boys, the fonder she grows of their little family, and the last thing she wants to do is put them in danger. As alliances shift and enemies draw closer, soon everything they hold dear is at risk: their lands, their love, and their very lives.


The fact that Evelyn is a spy was what initially intrigued me and had me picking this one up! It did not disappoint. This historical romance has the slowest burn during this marriage of convenience. I enjoyed watching both characters get to know each other, and how Evelyn’s relationships with John (the Earl of Mar), and his sons develop. All the twists and turns and connections between different characters kept me guessing the whole way. I loved the use of the historical era in this one also, and that’s not just because I have a thing for highlanders. Haha. Although this is one great highlander, who is as caring as he is hot. Don’t get me wrong he has his faults, but he figures it out. Evelyn is definitely a match as a caring woman, even if she is a little on the naive side but it works for this story. If you like highlanders, romance, historical romances, I definitely recommend this one!

Thank you so much to Forever and Grand Central Publishing for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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