The Handsome Girl & Her Beautiful Boy by B.T. Gottfred (ARC REVIEW)

5 STARS!!!

I LOVE THIS BOOK! It is for everyone that has felt they don’t fit into the socially constructed genders and has been completely confused by their desires.

This is a beautiful story of teenagers coming to understand that gender, sexuality, and attraction are on a spectrum, and not so binary as we’ve been taught to believe.

B.T. Gottfred always writes such realistic story lines, and this one blew my mind. He beautifully represented the confusion of exploring sexuality in your teenage years.

Don’t even get me started on Art, he is AMAZING!!! And his charts, just wait until you see his charts. He is unapologetically himself and greater for it. Not to mention he is hilarious!

This book is just pure magic, and I’m so excited for it to be out in the world on May 8th!


Everyone assumes that Zee is a lesbian. Her classmates, her gym buddies, even her so-called best friend. So many people think that Zee likes girls, even Zee is starting to wonder. Could they be onto something?

Everyone assumes that Art is gay. They take one look at his nice clothes and his pretty face and think: well, obviously.

But there’s more to Zee and Art than anyone realizes. When Art first meets Zee, he knows he’s found someone special–someone magical. Zee may not be able to see that magic in herself, but Art is bound and determined to show it to her.

What develops is a powerful connection between two people who are beautiful in all the ways they’ve been told are strange. As they explore their own complexities in gender, sexuality, and identity, they fall for the complexities they find in each other. With his trademark frankness, B.T. Gottfred delves inside both characters’ heads in this story about love and living authentically.

Add it to goodreads.

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Counselor Considerations contain SPOILERS.

Do not read further if you don’t want to PLOT SPOILERS!


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School Counselor Considerations: Sexual content, navigating sexual discovery, fitting in, fighting stereotypes, gender fluidity