Top Reads of 2020!

I read 387 books this year, so narrowing it down was more difficult than ever! And it is always difficult because I am the most indecisive person ever. So here are some books I didn’t mention in that stood out when I was going back through my reading challenge this week.

Favorite from a Favorite Author

I knew I was going to like this one, I love Ilsa Madden-Mills’ books, BUT this one blew me away. It was so freakin’ good!

Check out my The Revenge Pact review here!



This taboo read was a little outside my comfort zone, so I actually stopped reading. But then I couldn’t stop thinking about it and had to pick it back up. It wrecked me in THE BEST way!

I still haven’t written my Credence review because the book hangover was real.


Absolutely hilarious, but with a ton of depth. I definitely recommend this Sunshine/Grump story!

Check out my review here!


I’ve really enjoyed Rebecca Jenshak’s sport romances, but this one was so damn good! I’m really looking forward to the rest of this series.

Check out my Secret Puck review here!


This is taboo and absolutely wonderful. The support and love between the characters in for sure #RelationshipGoals

Check out my Torn & Bound Duet review here!

Him by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy it so heartfelt. I have read and reread it this year, because I loved it so much!


Kennedy Fox really pulled at my heartstrings with this enemies-to-lovers story. Forced proximity due to the pandemic and all the anxieties that felt so familiar. I sincerely loved every moment of this one.

Check out my The Two of Us review here!


This one is what I like to call Trope-tastic. Enemies-to-Lovers, Single-Dad, Sibling’s Ex. It’s got ALL the damn feels and I was here for it.

Check out my Stirred review here!


This series is adult fiction the way I want it. I sincerely fell in love with these characters and their world.

Check out my reviews here!

The books in this series are short, but written so well. So much damn angst. I adored them!

I haven’t written reviews yet, so check out the whole Flawed Love series here.

I read all of Devney Perry’s backlist this year and I love her writing. The Runaway series is definitely something special, with the final book coming March 2, 2021.

Check out my Forsaken Trail review here!

Piper Rayne is another favorite writing duo of mine and I’m working my way through their extensive backlist! The Rooftop Crew is a new series this past year and I am LOVING it. The Rival Roomies holds a special place for me, but every book is great!

Check out my Rooftop Crew reviews here!

The Voyeur Series by Fiona Cole had tropes I wouldn’t normally pick up. It is a sexy and taboo series that I ended up falling in love with.

Check out my review of Teacher here!

When I need a good laugh, Sara Ney is one of my go-to authors, specifically Books 1-3 of the How to Date a Douchebag series! Her newest series, Trophy Boyfriends, has very similar vibes and I am loving these characters!

Check out my Trophy Boyfriends reviews here!

Need a little rockstar romance in your life? Well, let me introduce you to the Hush Note Series from three AMAZING authors. This series gets better with each book!

Check out my Hush Note reviews here!

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